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Welcome To Costumelicious

You've made it to Costumelicious, the web's soon-to-be top store for any costume you need!

We have every kind of costume you can think of, from terrifying monsters in your favorite horror movies to sexy ensembles that will make you the belle of the ball. Don't be the downer at a party, wearing a sheet over your head and claiming you're a "ghost." Instead, find a great costume at Costumelicious! Whether it's for next Halloween or just a fun costume party, we have what you need to look your best!

Men, just face it. Your girlfriend doesn't want to show up to a costume party with you dressed as yourself. So browse the site for our awesome Mens Costumes. You could be the dashing mobster or a scary monster. Or you could be from your favorite science fiction movie, or sporting the best in retro outfits. No matter what costume you decide on, your girlfriend will walk in with her Prince Charming!

Ladies will fall in love with our Womens Costumes, everything from sirens of the silver screen to glamorous historical figures. After all, who says your costume has to be scary for Halloween? Why can't it be fun, flirty, or sexy? Or a bit of all three? And if you never thought that an M&M costume could be sexy, just wait and see what we have in stock!

Costumelicious also carries a great selection of Teen, Kids, Baby, and Toddler Costumes, too! Awesome superheroes, cuddly lions, swashbuckling pirates, and cool mermaids, we have it all! And if you were worried that your pet wouldn't be able to join in the fun, think again! With our great Pet Costume selection, your furry friend will be the true "Party Animal." Trust us, a puppy in a dinosaur costume is always awesome.

And costumes aren't just limited to Halloween anymore! Themed birthday parties, midnight openings for movies, comic book conventions, the list goes on and on! And Costumelicious has got you more than covered. With big, bold photos of every costume, Costumelicious makes it easy to browse and find your perfect costume for any occasion.

Of course, we're here to provide more than just an awesome selection of costumes. Blogs, party planning, costume contests, customer photo galleries, helpful videos, and Facebook and Twitter integration are just some of the extras we're providing for you! We're not just a costume store, we're a community!

We can't wait to have you browse the incredible selection of costumes here at Costumelicious. In fact, we'll even dare to say it's the best selection of costumes on the Internet. Combine that with our super simple checkout and shipping methods, and you're on your way to having the best costume ever!*

* is not liable or responsible if your friends are jealous of how awesome you look in your costume.
By purchasing from Costumelicious, you agree to handle all compliments that you and your costume receive. Enjoy!