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Welcome to the Costumelicious photo gallery page! This page is dedicated to giving you, our wonderful customers, the chance to show off your awesome costumes. Of course, it also gives you the chance to see other awesome costumes, and maybe even "borrow" a few ideas for next year!

But there are a few guidelines to help make this a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Facebook Login and Upload
The only way to upload a photo is by logging into your Facebook account. This will prevent a lot of SPAM uploads, which is always a good thing. It's also a deterrent for anyone wanting to upload photos that would be considered offensive to many of our customers. While this won't prevent innappropriate postings 100% of the time, it is more likely that a person will post offensive material when there is complete anonymity.

Offensive or Inappropriate Material
As we briefly mention above, we prohibit offensive material from being uploaded. Should we find any offensive material, it will be removed immediately. Offensive material includes, but is not limited to: offensive text on the image, offensive hand signals and gestures, nudity, and explicit content. There's a difference between wearing a sexy costume and barely wearing anything at all.

Persons in the Photo
Please post images of yourself, and not of or for other people. If your costume is part of a couples or group theme, then please feel free to post photos with all members to the Group Category. But please do not post images of others unless they have given you permission to post the photo.

Copyrighted Images
Please do not upload copyrighted material. We all know what Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter looks like. We've seen the movie and we sell the costumes. We want to see you as the Mad Hatter, not Johnny Depp. We also don't want to see copyright lawyers knocking on our door.

Inappropriate Backgrounds.
If there is any part of the background image that would be considered offensive or otherwise inappropriate, the image will be removed. And please be aware of your surroundings when photographing yourself in your costume. If you have to take a photo of yourself in the bathroom mirror, please crop the photo to include only you. We've all seen the awkward photos that show more of a bathroom than people want to see, or photos that show people in the bathroom who probably don't want to be the background of your picture at that moment.
Keep it classy. Crop the photo. Please! Not sure how to crop? If you're using Windows, you can crop using MS Paint. If you're using a Mac, you can crop a photo using iPhoto.

While we would love it if all the photos were of costumes purchased from Costumelicious (wink wink), it is not a requirement. If you hand-crafted your costume, please feel free to post the image. If you costume is something thrown together from several different costumes, we would love to see it! This is a gallery for costumes, not just costumes purchased from us.

Please keep in mind that any violations of the above-mentioned guidelines can result in the removal of your image without notice.

The Gallery Categories
There are three basic categories: Adult Costumes, Child Costumes, and Group Costumes.

  • Adult Costumes: This can include Teens as well, but it primarily consists of anyone closely resembling an adult wearing a costume. You know who you are!
  • Child Costumes: This can include babies, toddlers, young children, tweens, and even teens. If you're a human, and you're not an adult, this is the category for you!
  • Group Costumes: This isn't just a photo of a group of people wearing costumes. This is for themed couples and group photos. Did you and your friends dress up like KISS? Like the mystery-solving gang from Scooby Doo? Like a zombie/ninja/pirate horde? Then this is the category for you.
  • Pet Costumes: Coming soon!

  • How do I upload a photo?
    That's a very good question! We're currently developing a video that will show a step-by-step process of uploading an image. You'll be able to access the video here once we finish it. But if you're feeling bold, please click here to go to our upload page, and just follow the steps!

    Rating a Photo
    Once a photo has been uploaded, other customers can view, rate, and comment on the costume! Our rating system is basic, but classic. You select One to Five stars, and click submit! Of course, you don't have to rate or submit a comment on the photo.

    Please be kind and courteous when leaving comments for photos. All negative comments will be deleted.

    Contests and Prizes
    Once a year, we hold a contest and give out a prize for the winner! Prizes change from year to year, and can range from awesome store credit to cool tech gadgets. Pretty great, considering all you have to do is upload a photo of your costume! Once the contest is available, you'll be able to read all about it here.

    With the Best Costume Contest, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • The photo must be of you in your costume. Please crop the photo to exclude others in the photo, or make it obvious which person you are.
  • The contest is for individuals only. Only one prize is given to the winner, so group submissions are not eligible for the contest.
  • The winner is determined by both the rating of the photo, and the amount of people who rated that photo.
  • Photos are only eligible for the contest if they are uploaded after the contest has been announced. We want to prevent the same photo/costume winning year after year, or building up more ratings prior to the contest.
  • As with the standard gallery requirements, offensive or inappropriate material will not be tolerated for the contest. Please see above for additional information.
  • Any additional guidelines will be posted in the Best Costume Contest section of this page.

  • Best Costume Contest
    Currently, there is no information regarding our upcoming Costume Contest. We will post that information when the contest has been determined. If you would like to upload your photo, you can do so by clicking the link in the left navigation menu, or by clicking here.